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Welcome to Gw2 Wingman.

Wingman visualizes and analyzes Guild Wars 2 combat logs recorded and interpreted by arcdps and EliteInsights. Millions of logs from raids, fractals, and strikes can be searched, filtered, and made into informative graphs and statistics.

Want to know which class does best on Vale Guardian?
How much damage you're dealing compared to other people playing your class?
If there are any new all-time or patch records?
Wingman can answer all of these questions and many, many more.

To start using Wingman
1. Select a category above: Raids, Fractals, Strikes, or Golem logs
2. Select a portrait for a specific fight that you want to know more about
3. Adjust the filters to your liking (only 100 logs by default)
4. Press "Update Filters" and explore the many graphs and statistics that Wingman compiles

To start uploading your logs
Either use our simple, fast uploader or manually import them from other websites.

To support the development
You can support the project on Patreon and enjoy cosmetic perks such as 😸FancyAccountname.1337 or custom-colored dps highlighting for as little as 1€ per month!

Yes, we use cookies, but only if you want to use your API key to highlight your performances. For more, see Legal.

Questions or suggestions? Just visit our Discord.