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Welcome to Gw2Wingman.

What is this?
Wingman is an aggregation of combat logs for raids (and other encounters) for Guild Wars 2, recorded with arcDps. Higher-level statistics for not only single, but myriads of combats are computed, visualized and made queriable for customized constraints. Single logs can be studied in detail using the EliteInsights parser.

Wingman presents empirical evidence that is hard to estimate by theory or subjective experience, such as:

"How much time spends a normal group on Vale Guardian?"
"What is the most difficult boss and why?"
"Which class performs how good on Slothasor?"
"Is my Scrapper Dps okay compared to other players?"
"Show me the fastest/cleanest/dirtiest log of Twin Largos!"
"Did my static squad improve over the last months?"
"Can you tell me who always triggers the Oils at Deimos?

How do I get started?
Just click on your favorite boss in the header and play around with the tabs, filters and graphs.
To view single logs, click on data points within the timeline or the link in the boss statistics.
To compare statistics of all bosses, check our Raid Overview page.
Questions? Just visit our Discord.

How can I contribute?
We acknowledge that you want to give your logs for the greater good of knowledge. You can use our fast and simple uploader to add your logs to the wingman database or import them manually from other websites.
If you want to support the development of this project (or just want a faster server), you can Patreonize us! We will offer all features for everyone but patrons will have some decorative perks like a ­čśŞFancyAccountname.1337 or custom colored dps highlighting.

Yes, we use cookies, but only if you want to use your API key to highlight your performances. For more, see Legal.