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Wingman Uploader

As the manual uploading of single logs is inconvenient and does not really capture correct success rates (when people only upload their successful/best tries), wingman collects logs via a sweet and small uploader tool.

How does this work?

  • Download the uploader here.
  • It's self-explanatory, but if you want, there are details below.

  • Save the wingmanUploader.exe (and the .ico) in whatever path you like, e.g. C:/Users/YOU/Documents/Guild Wars 2/addons/arcdps/.
  • If you save it at another location, you will have to specify your arcdps log path in the wingmanUploader.ini later.
  • When you first start wingmanUploader.exe, it will create wingmanUploader.ini and wingmanUploader.exclude and close itself, so you have time to edit the .ini if you want (see below).
  • You don't have to touch the .exclude file, it just keeps track on what you already uploaded.
  • Don't worry, you can't upload the same file twice, as the server checks the content of the log on our side, but it will be way faster if you keep the .exclude.
  • If someone else already uploaded the same boss log in which you participated, duplicates will be removed and not count to the wingman statistics.
  • After adapting the .ini if necessary, start wingmanUploader.exe again.
  • As it is running, it will appear in your system tray and start checking and uploading your logs. You can check the Status (see below) by rightclicking on the tray icon.
  • That's it. Wait until the uploader is UP TO DATE and your logs will appear on
  • You can configure the uploader to autostart and/or to only/never upload when GW2 is running, so your logs will be automatically online.
  • Thanks for contributing your logs to the great science of raiding and enjoy the visualizations of your progress.

What do I need else?

  • arcdps to record your logs.
  • GW2 if possible.


What can I configure in this file?
  • logpath: The directory in which your logs are located, typically C:/Users/YOU/Documents/Guild Wars 2/addons/arcdps/.
  • account: If you specify your GW2 account here, we can check even faster for duplicates, which means faster uploads for you. This is nothing secret though, as your account name is in the logs anyway.
  • autostart: Start wingmanUploader with Windows? I like it, but some of you don't.
  • onlyUploadIfGw2Running: If true, the uploader will do nothing if you don't play GW2, so enjoy playing other games.
  • onlyUploadIfGw2NotRunning: If true, the uploader will wait until you finish playing GW2. It shouldn't cause any lag anyway.
  • notifications: If true, it will display Windows notifications when it starts and finishes uploads.


What does the STATUS messages in the context menu mean?
  • UPLOADING: I am actively uploading your new logs. There should be a percentage following this, so you know when I'm ready.
  • UP TO DATE: All of your valid logs are uploaded. There is nothing to do for me.
  • PENDING: I'm trying to make a server connection. Shouldn't take too long.
  • DISCONNECTED: I'm not able to connect to the server. Either it is down or you don't have internet. Will try it again in a few minutes.
  • SLEEPING: I'm configured to do nothing if GW2 is (not) running. If you want to wake me up, change the .ini and restart me.

If you still need help, feel free to ask questions via Discord.