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Generate your personal killproof link that captures raids, fractals, strikes and your preferred classes - not limited to the weekly cap.

Observe your weekly raid bosses, how often you failed, how much downtime you wasted and how much you cleared eventually.

Explore with which players you play more or less often in the vast network of Gw2 players.

See the frequency and efficiency of particular comps on bosses and how single classes contribute to the kill time.

Didn't you always want to know the best DPS Spellbreakers of all time? I can tell you (please take this with a grain of salt)

Find out how balance patches (nerfs/buffs) impacted the performance of classes on actual bosses.

Compare burst/dps graphs of multiple players from multiple logs.

See which classes were played how often over the different patch eras.

Get the most liked logs from our community.

Benchmark your classes on the actual bosses by comparing them to the top performance of the specific profession.

Benchmark your best group logs by comparing them to the record boss logs of each era.

Get empirical statistics about all frequently used skills of a profession.